• The largest privately held Internet service provider in the Metroplex.
  • The best ISP according to Inside Collin County Business.
  • A complete Internet solution from dial-up to DSL, from T-1s to DS3s, from Web hosting to co-location.
  • Technical Support that is customer-friendly.
  • A Class-A data center conveniently located at the Dallas North Tollway and Hwy 121.


It's 1995�Mark Jones has been selling long distance service, the hottest product for a decade, for four years and he's looking for the next big thing. Ultimately, his search leads him to the Internet�and the dream of building an Internet service provider.

He starts with the vision of building a leading-edge provider. Building on his existing success, he partners with one of his existing long distance customers to secure financing. He recruits network engineers from within the industry�young, but already veterans of the Internet. Together, they build a state-of-the-art networking facility.

By early 1996, they're almost ready to open the doors�then opportunity and disaster strike, almost simultaneously. A McKinney provider is shutting down and the McKinney Chamber of Commerce requests that Waymark step in�Waymark has its first customers. But, the financial partner has an unrelated financial reversal, pulling the plug on funding future commitments. Jones bootstraps the operation with his own capital�it's nip and tuck for most of 1996.

By '97, Waymark is well on its way, already having successfully acquired two other ISPs. In second-quarter 1998, Jones buy outs his financial partner and now owns 100% of the enterprise. By 1999, Waymark is in expansion mode: acquiring six ISPs, hiring additional employees, and adding management. Competition in the industry increases.

The year 2000 proves to be a virtual rollercoaster — the start of the year is the height of the telcom boom, but by midyear the bubble bursts. Telcom companies, including ISPs, are falling left and right. For the savvy entrepreneur, it's a gold mine. From 2000 through 2004, Waymark makes ten acquisitions. Additionally, Waymark acquires a Class A data center located at the Dallas North Tollway and Hwy 121 in Plano.

Today, Waymark is a mature company with a sound operating team familiar with acquisitions and knows how to ride the telcom wave. The challenge today is to maximize resources. Waymark is actively marketing its services, which range from dial-up to DSL, from T-1s to DS3s, and from Web hosting to co-location services. We have one of the most robust networks and co-location facilities in the Metroplex. Our objectives today are to increase the number of users of our existing facilities. Harkening back to Jones' original dream: we want to be the best ISP in Dallas.


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