Your Data's Home-Away-From-Home Special!
No room? No problem! Co-locate with Waymark Communications for as low as $149 a month! Please call our commercial sales office at 972-503-1100 for further information.

No Room? No problem. Co-locate with Waymark Communications:

Waymark Communications offers an outstanding co-location facility that is conveniently located in Plano at Hwy 121 and the North Dallas Tollway. From 2U servers to a full cabinet, Waymark is ready to provide their customers with a top-of-the-line facility. The Waymark Data Center has become the industry standard for quality among co-location/data centers. Waymark Communications has built one of the most reliable facilities in the nation. Our greater than 99.99% uptime speaks for itself. We offer a broad range of solutions for your commercial e-business needs. From dedicated co-location hosting of your equipment at our state of the art data center to fully managed services of all your business needs. Our data center provides redundant facilities ranging from power, HVAC system, security, and internet access to ensure the maximum uptime and availability for our customers as well as your customers.

Co-location facilities include:
Redundant Internet connections:
Waymark's Data Center is equipped with multiple redundant Internet connections to provide instantaneous failover when necessary. The redundant network configuration provides added confidence for your customer's ability to access your business resources at all times while providing the maximum uptime and availability.

Redundant Power and UPS:
The power systems used in the Waymark Data Center are designed to meet the diverse needs of customers and are equipped with a level of redundancy that guarantees continuous operation. Conditioned AC and DC power with two independent A & B power buses, respectively, are available to customers. In addition, battery and diesel generators back up every Waymark power system.    
Redundant and Precise HVAC System:

Air control is critical in maintaining fast, efficient performance for our customers' equipment. To create the right environment, the Waymark Data Center is fitted with a comprehensive HVAC system that delivers constant, ideal air conditions. With Waymark's rotating Leibert HVAC redundant units, the Waymark Data Center maintains a cool environment that is continuously monitored and conducive to our customers' mission-critical equipment and operations.
Digital Surveillance Recorders:

All aspects of the Waymark Data Center are monitored and recorded via color, hi-resolution digital video cameras. The live digital camera surveillance provides coverage of the entire center, including entrance, with archival system. Motion-detection for lighting and digital camera coverage.

Customer Care Center:

The Operations Customer Care Center allows the staff to monitor operations and ensure round-the-clock availability and reliability. Systems and security are constantly monitored 24 hours a day. Waymark's technical personnel have extensive experience in telecommunications, IP, NT and networking technologies in order to assist customers in all areas of supporting online operations.

Fire Suppression System:

A state-of-the-art fire suppression system constantly monitors the physical environment for smoke, chemicals and other hazardous materials that might spark a fire. Waymark's Data Center uses a dual-interlock pre-action sprinkler system throughout its facility.

Colocation Matrix: (call for pricing)

Small Server 2 U 1 Mbps Up to 8 1 1
Large Server 4 U 1 Mbps Up to 8 1 1
1/2 Cabinet 21 U 1 Mbps Up to 32 1 10 amps
Full Cabinet 42 U 2 Mbps Up to 64 1 20 amps

1 2u and 4u products are for single devices only.
2 Single power outlet intended for a single device only.


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