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Waymark Internet Acquires Anet's Customer Base

The Internet Business Unit of Waymark Communications Adds to Its Portfolio


ADDISON, TX (April 15, 1999) -- Waymark Internet, one of North Texas' leading Internet Service Providers, https://waymark.net today announced the acquisition of American Internet's (ANET)Texas customer base, http://www.anet.com. ANET's individual and business customers will begin moving to Waymark's regional, high speed Internet services immediately.

"We are pleased to be able to quickly provide ANET customers with a high quality, dependable Internet service" said Mark Jones, President of Waymark. "We will ensure that ANET's customers experience a fast and interruption-free move to our network. People today rely on the Internet as a personal and business productivity tool and need an Internet service they know they can depend upon. That's why we're committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for everyone."

Jeff Liggett, President of ANET, commented "We sought for several months to find the best source for providing the highest quality of network reliability for our customers. After monitoring several ISP's network operations in the Texas market we concluded that Waymark offered the most reliable network. Additionally, Waymark's experience in the field of telecommunications and their forward looking goals made them our leading choice to address our customers' future needs."

Mr. Liggett further stated, "ANET will continue to grow its Chicago Internet service operations, advancing on ANET's success as the premier provider in the Chicago area. ANET's designation as the official ISP to the Chicago Bulls(TM), has created additional demands on our growth requiring additional capital that the proceeds of this transaction provides."

Waymark Communications, headquartered in Addison, Texas, is a telecommunications carrier providing a comprehensive array of network services integrating voice, data and remote networking solutions for residential and small- to mid-sized business customers. Waymark has been providing services nationally since 1991.

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