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Waymark Internet Acquires Industrial Strength Internet's Subscriber Base

Waymark Communications continues its growth strategy.


ADDISON, TX (August 21, 2001) -- Waymark Internet, one of North Texas' leading Internet Service Providers, https://waymark.net today announced the acquisition of Industrial Strength Internet's (Istrength) subscriber base, http://www.istrength.com. Istrength's and Waymark's networks will be combined to provide greater quality to both companies subscribers.

"We are pleased to be able to serve Istrength subscribers with a high quality, dependable Internet service" said Mark Jones, President of Waymark. "We will ensure that Istrength's customers experience the same fast and interruption-free service.

Mr. Jones further stated, "...at a time when other ISP's have stumbled and many have filed for bankruptcy, Waymark's position in the marketplace is strong, with over 12,500 subscribers, we are refining the critical mass to improve our service offerings. Waymark has launched an offering of the industry's most reliable HDSL technology, this high end corporate business solution is finally an affordable and reliable solution for small to medium sized businesses looking for speed and reliability without the limitations of traditional DSL offerings. This, along with Industial Strenght Internet's co-location capabilities, will allow Waymark to offer a full range of services to the business customers."

Stephen Barclay, President of Industrial Strength Internet, commented "Istrength's integration into the Waymark team will only improve our current outstanding level of customer care. Stability for our customers is a key focus area, and with this transaction, we are confident that service levels will continue to rise. Also, with Waymark's capital stability, together we will be able to continue future growth and expansion!"

Waymark Communications, headquartered in Addison, Texas, is a telecommunications carrier providing a comprehensive array of network services integrating voice, data and remote networking solutions for residential and small- to mid-sized business customers. Waymark has been providing services nationally since 1991.

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