Attention Dialup Customers...

Special Offer: DSL pricing is now at an ALL TIME Low! $29.95/month*
Waymark is extremely proud and excited to now be able to offer DSL services for the lowest price imaginable @ $29.95/month*. What does this mean to you, our beloved dialup customer? You can now get speeds up to 1.5 Mbps (download) and 384 Kbps (upload)** while ALWAYS being connected to the Internet. No need to wait for a connection, no need to wait for emails or web pages to download. Please don�t pass this opportunity up. If you qualify for DSL, you can sign up NOW!

We want our customers to be able to get the best Internet experience possible at the lowest price available. What are the benefits, you ask?

  • Always connected to the Internet.
  • Download web pages and emails faster than ever.
  • No more untimely disconnects.
  • Connection speed 27 times faster than dialup.
  • Ability to be on the telephone and the Internet at the same time.
  • Waymark offers all DSL customers static IP addresses.
  • $29.95/ per Month*

Call us NOW to get your DSL High Speed connection!!!

Pay your bill online:
Did you know that you have the ability to manage your account online? You are now able to access your account to pay your bill, add and/or delete email accounts, and change email passwords. Please go to or just go to our homepage, look in the lower right hand corner and click on Customer Billing Info. It is as simple as that.

*Special Offer Pricing based on 12 month commitment term contract only. Credit card payments only. Verizon territory customers - $29.95/month for the first three months ($37.95/month for months 4-12). Prices include Internet access and DSL line charges. Customer must have SBC or Verizon Telephone Service. Sales tax and USF fees not included. You must have a DSL modem or router (Waymark can provide) in order to use DSL service. If you already have a DSL modem or router please contact our office to make sure it is ATM compatible. ** Maximum speed achieved depends on customer location.